Open a safe deposit box and ensure all your valuables are safe!

  • 3X5 Box – $20/Year
  • 3X10 Box – $35/Year
  • Earn a free safe deposit box for one year when you open a new money real estate loan
  • Wiring Instructions 
    • Funds Wired to:
           Alloya Corporate Credit Union
      Location: 184 Shuman Boulevard, Suite 400
                         Naperville, IL 60563
      Routing (or) ABA: 271987635
  • Further Credit:
         Brainerd BN Credit Union
    Account Number: 291973357
  • Final Credit:
         Members account name
    Members account number to credit funds
  • $15 fee for outgoing wires 
  • No fee for incoming wires
  • International wires not available
  • Automatic loan payment based on a specific date or when a recurring deposit (payroll) is received.
  • Set up recurring transfers between accounts

Brainerd BN Credit Union offers notary services free to our members

Brainerd BN Credit Union offers signature guarantee services free to our members

Amount of Insurance

The amount of your insurance, subject to a maximum insurable balance of $2,000 shall be your insurable balance as determined by the type of plan and the percentage of insurable balance covered shown below:

Type of Plan

The percentage shown below shall be determined by the insured member’s age on the date of each deposit for all insurable deposits made before, on, or after the effective date of the policy

Percentage of Insurable Balance Covered

Age of Member Percentage Covered
Age 0 but under 6 months 25%
Age 6 months but under age 55 100%
Age 55 but under 60 75%
Age 60 but under 65 50%
Age 65 but under 70 25%
Age 70 and over 0%

Any insured member under the age of 6 months shall, in attaining the age of 6 months, have 100% of that insured members insurable balance covered subject to the maximum insurable balance.

Eligible Member

For you to become an eligible member and thereby eligible for life insurance coverage on the date of each deposit you must (a) be under age 70 either on the date of issue of the policy or on the date of becoming a member of the Credit Union while the policy is in force, (b) not have previously exercised the conversion privilege contained in the policy and (c) also qualify under one of the Insurable Classes of Members listed below:

  1. Employed Member
    A member who is regularly and actively preforming on a full time basis the usual duties of the member’s occupation for remuneration or profit
  2. Non-Employed Member
    • Housewife Member
    • Student Member
    • Retired Member
    • Other Member

See an MSR to check if you qualify to be a non-employed member.

Insurable Balance and Member

Your insurable balance is the sum of the then existing balance of any previously insured deposits and each eligible deposit subject to the maximum insurable balance. For each eligible deposit to be included in your insurable balance you must have qualified as an eligible member on the date of each deposit or subsequently qualify as an eligible member while the deposit remains in your savings account and while the policy is in force.

You shall be considered an insured member so long as an insurable balance is maintained by you while the policy is in force.

Joint Accounts

Only one member will be insured with respect to any one savings account. if your savings account is with a joint tenant, tenant in common, or otherwise jointly held, the company’s liability will be limited to providing life insurance coverage on the life of the member whose signature appears  first on the signature card for the account.

Trust Accounts

If on the records of the Credit Union the proceeds of a savings account are being held in trust, the Company will be liable under the policy only upon the death of the person designated as the beneficiary of the trust. Likewise, in the case of a savings account for a minor person, the company will be liable under the policy only upon the death of the minor.

General Information

Upon the receipt of due proof of your death, the amount of your insurance, as provided by the policy, shall be paid to the Credit Union. If you have designated beneficiary, the insurance will be paid to the beneficiary. In the absence of a written beneficiary designation, the amount of insurance will be deposited in your savings account.

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