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Whether you need help financing a new car, establishing a line of credit, purchasing a home or land, setting up an IRA, or just opening a new checking account your Credit Union can help you. We offer a host of financial products and services to help you make the right financial decisions.

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Brainerd BN Credit Union offers a variety of services to fit the needs of our members.

Why Credit Unions?

Credit unions are cooperatives – members who share a common bond join together, in a cooperative form and structure, to encourage savings and to make loans to each other. Here are just a few reasons to join a credit union:

  1. Credit unions are not-for-profit. Surplus funds, after ensuring reserves, are distributed to members as dividends, reduced interest on loans, and improved services.
  2. Credit unions educate their members in financial matters and consumer issues.
  3. Credit unions cooperate with each other and are united through a worldwide movement based on mutual concern for their members.

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